MVP Media

We are an innovative youth driven social enterprise that works to develop skills and create opportunities for young people in the creative industries.

Helping To Change Lives

MVP reaches young people through workshops, mentoring and paid internships, helping them to progress through school and into university and successful employment.

Under the tutelage of MVP these young creatives produce professional standard music, podcasts, videos, games and other content for their age groups.

Our goal is to give young people the skills and confidence needed to become the MVP.


MVP Media support tutor Ayana Grant explains how MVP has helped with her personal journey towards becoming a cinematographer.

Keys To Success

MVP focuses on creative activities including music, media, games design & coding, art and fashion. Our young people also work on their social and personal development as well as life skills.

The experience is designed to take them out of their comfort zone, build resilience and instill the skills and confidence to thrive and excel in education and future endeavours.

Many successful graduates of the program have come back to teach and mentor the next generation.


Founder and CEO Joanna Vasanth shares her journey creating a social enterprise and what the future holds for MVP Media.

“I am so excited about the future of MVP. Some of my ex-students are now running the courses for young people which is such a delight to see.”

MVP work with young people in our community in a way that is relevant, meaningful and incredibly positive. I have been impressed by the high quality of the work they do and their commitment to supporting young people in Waltham Forest.

Cllr Grace Williams