Our bespoke workshop packages are designed to take learners out of their comfort zone, build resilience and instill the skills and confidence to thrive and excel in education and future endeavours.

Go Live

This project aims to help young people develop music production, singing, rapping, song-writing and performance skills, as well as to showcase their talent to an audience.

Throughout the duration of the Go Live workshop, young people will have the opportunity to use industry standard equipment to practise professional techniques and create an original song with their  own lyrics and own original beats, mixed and mastered by an industry professional.

Grime Documentary

Have a look at one of our recent projects, the Grime Waltham Forest documentary. Filmed and edited by MVP young to create a feature about the history of grime in the borough.

Visual Arts Project

The Visual Arts Project will see young people partake in either Comic Book Design or Street Arts courses.

As part of the Comic book design workshop, learners will design and storyboard fictional characters and stories. For the graffiti workshop, learners will design and create a mural. All young people will be taught to create their own promotional strategies and business proposals.

At the MVP workshop I learned how to use photoshop and create my own comic book. Coming up with a message and a story for my comic was fun and I really enjoyed the art exhibition.

Moubin (Aged 14)